Personal Training

Have you ever made a fitness goal and worked at it briefly just to get frustrated and fall short of achieving what you set out to accomplish? With many options to choose from, the main goal and purpose of Prototype Fitness is to make sure you don’t ever fall short again. Whether it is 1 on 1, online or in-home training, a personalized training and nutrition plan will be designed for you to reach those goals. Within these options, we will do whatever it takes for you to be successful and feel the satisfaction of reaching your goals. All the while, teaching you the why’s behind it all to instill the positive habits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

What To Expect With Prototype Fitness:womensgroup2design

  • Personalized fitness program
  • Detailed nutrition plan
  • Body weight tracking
  • Body measurements
  • Body fat %
  • Progress tracking and charting



To Schedule Your Free Session:
Prototype Fitness
503 Weston Ridge Drive Naperville, Il

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