About Us

Joe Albin
-Owner / Personal Trainer

Joe is a personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He has trained professional athletes, worked with kids that have developmental difficulties and everyone in between. His main objective is to teach people that living a healthy and fit life, while maintaining a realistic lifestyle, IS POSSIBLE. Whether it is becoming fit, staying fit or training for an event, the goal is to achieve a sense of balance in the person’s life. He refers to his training as “lifestyle management.”


Jake Marshall
-Personal Trainer

“My mission as a trainer is to positively influence all my clients in every aspect of physical fitness and mental health. Regardless of one’s goals, my goal for each session is to create an optimal training environment as well as have an exciting and motivating training experience. From your everyday fitness enthusiast to young athletes in training all the way to Olympic athletes, I have successfully catered to all types of clientele to ensure they each meet and exceed their individual goals.” In regards to areas of expertise, most of Jake’s training resides in youth development and sports performance training.


Steve Walcott
-Personal Trainer

“I grew up in Lake Zurich Illinois where I played four years of football. From there I went on to North Central College where I had the privilege to be a two year captain on the Men’s Soccer Team. I graduated with a BS degree in Exercise Science. In my free time I love to workout and play soccer. Personal training is my passion because of the positive impact I am able to make on an individuals life every single day. My role as a fitness professional at Prototype Fitness is to assist and direct others to becoming the best version of themselves while continuing to grow as an individual myself.”





To Schedule Your Free Session:
Prototype Fitness
503 Weston Ridge Drive Naperville, Il


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