You’re Too Busy For A Workout? Try This

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Training

We all have busy lifestyles and the free time we do come across, is quickly filled with something else. That elusive free time usually isn’t long enough to head to the gym and improve our fitness and health. So what are we supposed to do? Do we just chalk it up as a loss and forget about getting better or achieving goals? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We can still get in a daily workout regardless of how busy we get, how little space there is or what equipment we don’t have.

All the same rules and goals that apply at the gym, apply to these workouts.
1) Increase Heart Rate
-It doesn’t matter if you use complex cardio equipment or do something more basic like jumping rope or jumping jacks, you can still achieve an elevated heart rate and improve your
cardiovascular fitness. Since the type of cardio you do doesn’t matter, because something is better than nothing, the way in which you do that cardio becomes more important. And since  we don’t have much time to begin with, we have to be smarter.

2) Incorporate Resistance Training
-This goal can be tricky for some and make people think it isn’t possible without the use of weight machines or dumbbells. That is not the case. Yes, you may have to be more
creative, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In these workouts, our main piece of equipment is the body. If you have access to dumbbells or bungees, that is a bonus but not a

3) Be Efficient
-This is a big one because we are already strapped for time. We don’t need to waste anymore by being slow or lazy. It may be harder to concentrate on your workout when
you are at home instead of the gym, so throw on some good tunes and “get in your zone”. We don’t have the time or the luxury to think and worry about other things going on. This is your rare time, so spend it wisely.  The goal of these workouts is to spend as little time as possible on our fitness, yet doing more than enough to improve. That means things are going to be done at a faster pace AND have a reduced rest. Yes, you are right. That will make it harder. But that’s the idea.  Force your body to adapt. Remember, “if it doesn’t challenge, then it doesn’t change”.

4) Listen to Your Body
-This style of working out may be different than what you are used to. The normal set-rest-set-rest-rotate principle doesn’t work here. You may find yourself struggling a little bit to catch your breath or not able to fully complete a rotation. Whatever the case may be, make sure you listen to what your body is telling you. There is a difference between, “WOW! That was tough, I’m tired” and “I’m a little dizzy, I can’t seem to catch my breath”. The idea behind changing your fitness and/or appearance is to get in that “uncomfortable” zone. It is at that point when your body will adapt and improve inside and out, but make sure you do it in a safe and smart way. If you find that you need more rest, then by all means, rest. Make sure you do one thing though, write it down, record it, make note of it. Do whatever you need to do because down the road when you look back, you will see how much you’ve improved.

So you think you’re ready to make a change instead of an excuse?

Try these quick, yet intense workouts on a daily basis for results (alternate between the three).

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